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Raptors 7-3 Since Dealing Gay

By Stephen M. Shea, Ph.D. According to traditional box score statistics, Rudy Gay is a fairly productive player.  He’s averaging 19.2 points, 2.3 assists, and 6.3 rebounds per game.  He’s 23rd in the NBA in points per game, ahead of players like Dwight Howard and Tony Parker.  Gay is 15th in the NBA in steals […]

James Harden and the Consequences of Getting to the Line Part II

By Stephen M. Shea, Ph.D. In 2012-13, James Harden averaged 10.2 Free Throw Attempts (FTA) per game.  It was the most FTA per game for a guard since Kevin Martin averaged 10.3 in 2009 for Sacramento.  Harden’s particularly high FTA mark last season got us wondering.  Are there any adverse effects of a guard drawing […]


By Stephen Shea In a recent post, I defined offensive efficiency with player tracking (OEPT).  OEPT is a ratio.  The numerator approximates the total points scored on offensive possessions that we know the individual played a significant role in.  The denominator is the total number of those possessions minus the individual’s offensive rebounds. See my post […]

Offensive Efficiency with Player Tracking

By Stephen Shea, Ph.D. One of the major themes of modern basketball analytics is offensive efficiency.   We’ve learned that because teams play at different paces and individuals consume different percentages of their team’s offensive possessions, cumulative production can be misleading.   Understanding a team or individual’s points per possession need be considered side-by-side with their total […]