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Organizing Individual Offensive Metrics

Stephen M. Shea, Ph.D. At this site, we have defined a variety of individual offensive metrics, such as Offensive Efficiency with Player Tracking (OEPT) and Scoring Versatility Index (SVI).  No single metric will tell us everything we would like to know about a player.  Each metric provides some new bit of information about the athletes […]

Offensive Efficiency with Player Tracking (OEPT) Update

by Stephen M. Shea, Ph.D. In a previous post, we defined offensive efficiency with player tracking (OEPT).  It uses the new player tracking statistics at (which were obtained from SportVU).  For each individual, OEPT approximates the points that individual’s team scores per possession the individual was significantly involved in. Below we present a sortable […]

Is the corner 3 a weakness of Miami’s defense?

By Stephen M. Shea, Ph.D. The Miami Heat have been to three straight NBA finals and won the last two.  The Heat’s regular season record since LeBron took his talents south is 201-72 (for a win percentage of .736).  They have also had a better than league average offensive rating and defensive rating in each […]

Quick Hits: January 24, 2014

…links to interesting articles or tools, as well as some random thoughts on the NBA (occasionally supported with analytics). Evolution of NBA Players’ Shot Selection A recent post on APBR suggested the website where you can find a chart for NBA players like the one for LeBron James above.  The charts show the percentage of a […]