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The Curious Net Defensive Statistics of LeBron James

By Stephen M. Shea, Ph.D. LeBron James is a highly regarded defender, and so it is reasonable to expect that when LeBron is on the court, the Heat’s defense improves.  However, this season, that is not the case. The Miami Heat have played 1904 minutes with LeBron James on the court and 607 minutes with […]

Are Blocked Shots a Misleading Defensive Metric?

By Stephen M. Shea Blocked Shots has been and still is the primary box score measure of a player’s interior defense.  It’s prevalence in those box scores, during TV broadcasts, on the backs of trading cards, and in fantasy games has conditioned the NBA fan base to believe in its validity. As the only universally […]

Quick Hits: February 7, 2014

…links to interesting articles or tools, as well as some random thoughts on the NBA (occasionally supported with analytics). Sloan Research Papers Posted The eight finalists for the 2014 Sloan Sports Analytics Research Paper Competition have been posted.  Four of these papers covered basketball, and all of those used SportVU data.  Bocskocsky et al. use […]