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Draft Winners Part 2

By Stephen Shea, Ph.D. Denver Nuggets The Denver Nuggets couldn’t decide whether to take Michigan State guard Gary Harris or Bosnian center Jusuf Nurkic with the 11th pick in the draft.  So, they drafted both (with some help from Chicago).  The Bulls traded the 16th and 19th picks in the draft for the Nuggets’ 11th […]

Draft Winners Part I

By Stephen Shea, Ph.D. Milwaukee Bucks The Bucks’ had the easy choice in this year’s draft.  Take the one that doesn’t go first.  Once Joel Embiid went down with an injury, the draft really turned into a two-player race for first between Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker.  Cleveland chose Wiggins, the better athlete and better […]

On the Upcoming Draft

by Stephen Shea, Ph.D. Pay attention to Orlando and the 4th pick I project Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins, and Dante Exum are the top 3 taken in the 2014 draft (and I suspect in that order).  That leaves Orlando likely deciding between Joel Embiid, Marcus Smart, and Noah Vonleh.  If Orlando prefers Smart, they could […]

2013-14 Season OEPT

by Stephen Shea, Ph.D. Below are some season totals in Offensive Efficiency with Player Tracking (OEPT) for the league’s highest usage players.  I only considered players that played at least 40 games.  I then took the top 100 in Net Possessions Terminated per game (NPT) and ordered that group by OEPT.  The table also displays […]