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Competitive Balance in the NBA and the Remarkable Consistency of the San Antonio Spurs

By Stephen Shea, Ph.D. Does the current NBA structure and culture facilitate shifts of power over time?  To answer this question, I looked at each team’s winning percentage over the regular season in each of the last 14 seasons.  (Charlotte joined in 2004-05, and so they only had 10 seasons in the study).  The Spurs […]

Dribble, Dribble, Dribble, MISS!

By Stephen Shea, Ph.D. On August 2, 2014, @ShaneBattier tweeted, “Kids, bottom line.  Don’t take dribble jumpers unless your last name is Nowitzki.  Thank me later.” SportVU’s new spatial tracking statistics on split jump shots by whether or not the shooter dribbled before the attempt.  If the shooter dribbled, the shot is a pull […]

Cleveland’s Performance was that Bad

By Stephen Shea, Ph.D. Last night, Cleveland lost to a very good Washington team.   That event alone wouldn’t be too surprising.  The Cavs may be overflowing with talent, but even the most talented teams need a bit of time to gel.  We all knew Cleveland was going to have some growing pains.  However, last night’s […]

Cleveland: Passing without the Assist

By Stephen Shea, Ph.D. According to Brian Windhorst of, “LeBron James and Kyrie Irving exchanged words in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ locker room following the team’s 19-point loss to the Portland Trail Blazers on Tuesday night.”  Apparently, the conversation was about LeBron’s issues with the Cavs’ current offense.  Specifically, James seems dismayed with the Cavs’ inability to set each […]