Basketball Analytics: Spatial Tracking is Now Available!

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Basketball Analytics: Spatial Tracking is now available at  Find it in

Paperback (List price of $19.95)

Kindle (Only $9.99!)

Equipped with new spatial tracking data collected by SportVU and others, this text investigates game strategy, player evaluation, player types, and prospect potential.

A Few Highlights

  • Chapter 5 introduces new measures of offensive spacing and defensive stretch.  The new measures are then used to analyze the Spurs’ defensive strategy and the Heat’s response in the 2013 NBA Finals.
  • This blog first introduced College Prospect Rating (CPR), which is a system for quantifying the potential in an NCAA player.   An updated version is presented in Chapter 7.  For the first time, the complete methodology is revealed so that the reader can reproduce all results.
  • This blog also first introduced the periodic table of NBA elements.  It is a classification and visualization of player types.  Chapter 4 presents new classifications and visualizations using’s new spatial tracking statistics.  Chapter 4 also contains step-by-step directions to recreate the classification or create original classifications in Microsoft Excel (or a comparable program).
  • Most of the recent material on basketball analytics (through blogs and websites, for example) is presented to an audience that is already familiar with the basics of the industry.  Where does the novice go for the proper introduction to basketball analytics?  Chapters 1 and 2 discuss in great detail what I believe to be the two core principles of the analytics movement.  Chapter 1 discusses the role of context (such as player usage, game situation and quality of teammates) when evaluating production.  Chapter 2 covers efficiency.  These foundational topics are covered from the updated perspective provided by the new spatial tracking statistics.

Basketball Analytics: Spatial Tracking presents a modern viewpoint on basketball analytics’ most fundamental principles and demonstrates the power of the industry’s latest statistical breakthroughs.  It is a must-read for the field’s novices and experts.

The book reveals the full motivation and methodology for each metric and study.  I encourage the use of the book’s metrics elsewhere, and I hope that readers will look to improve and expand upon the book’s results.

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