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What if your team played Moreyball?

By Stephen Shea, Ph.D. Finding the efficient shots The chart below presents the FG% and eFG% for the NBA in 2014-15 split according to six regions on the court.  (Stats are courtesy of and current through the January 26th games.) The restricted area and three point shots are the most efficient shots.  The shots […]

Shot Selection in the Knicks’ Triangle Offense

By Stephen Shea, Ph.D. The triangle offense has been incredibly successful in the NBA in the past.  Phil Jackson famously implemented the triangle offense on championship teams in Chicago and Los Angeles.  However, the NBA has changed significantly since Jackson last led a team to a title.  Offenses now feature more perimeter shooters, and they […]

The corner 3; a small percentage of the offense with big predictive power

By Stephen Shea, Ph.D. On average, the corner 3 accounts for between 6 and 7% of a team’s NBA offense.  Yet, it can be incredibly predictive of a team’s overall shooting efficiency. Let C3PM/FGA denote a team’s made corner 3s divided by their total field goal attempts.  Chart 1 plots C3PM/FGA to the team’s eFG% […]

Wiggins showing scoring versatility, but not efficiency (yet)

by Stephen Shea, Ph.D. NBA players were once judged almost exclusively on their quantity of production.  Fans, the media, and perhaps NBA teams were infatuated with how many points, rebounds, or assists players accumulated. The modern basketball analytics movement has taught us that we should also be mindful of efficiency.  In terms of a player’s […]