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Final 2015 CPR

By Stephen Shea, Ph.D. (@SteveShea33) The very exciting 2014-15 college basketball season has ended.  I can now calculate and report the final College Prospect Ratings (CPR) for the 2015 NBA Draft’s top college prospects. The 2014-15 NBA regular season has also concluded.  It was a particularly dreadful season for certain franchises and their fans.  But […]

Hybrid Position Players Among the NCAA Men’s Final Four Teams

By Alan Reifman, Ph.D. (@alanreifman) I would first like to thank Prof. Shea for allowing my work to appear on his blog as a guest contribution. Among the topics I found most fascinating when reading his (and Christopher Baker’s) book Basketball Analytics was the idea that, through different combinations of player skill-sets, there were far […]