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Updated Perimeter and Interior Defense Ratings

By Steve Shea (@SteveShea33) March 15, 2017 We recently introduced Perimeter Defense Ratings (PDR) and Interior Defense Ratings (IDR).  Please see this previous post for more information.  The purpose of this entry is to update the numbers.  The table below contains PDR and IDR for all 314 players that have played at least 600 minutes. […]

College Prospect Rating (CPR) Version 3

By Steve Shea, Ph.D. (@SteveShea33) March 10, 2017 [There is a sortable table with CPR scores for 325 players, including all college players drafted in the last 6 drafts, at the end of the article.] College Prospect Rating (CPR) is a formula based on college box score production that attempts to approximate prospects’ future NBA potential.  […]

Digging into the NBA’s Sixth Man Race

By Steve Shea, Ph.D. (@SteveShea33) March 7, 2017 For at least the last month, Lou Williams and Eric Gordon have seemingly been the favorites for the Sixth Man Award, but on March 5, Marc Stein of wrote that Tobias Harris “has quietly emerged as perhaps the most credible threat to the Houston duo’s presumed […]

Analyzing Detroit’s Offense; Details Matter

March 6, 2017 By Steve Shea (@SteveShea33) The Game: Portland at Detroit (February 28, 2017) We analyze 9 plays from the first half, pointing out the details that led to a quality shot or the problems that prevented one. Play 1: Q1, 10:13 on the clock Let’s start with a positive example.  In the following […]