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Book of Basketball 2.0 Podcast

Book of Basketball 2.0 Book & Podcast

In 2009, there was a famous book made by Bill Simmons, one of Basketball’s most popular players of all time. It was aptly titled the Book of Basketball, and the book told people all about basketball – from rules, to play styles that were necessary, and so much more. However, over the years, basketball, much like every other pro sport out there, has changed drastically on how it’s played – let alone the way that the rules have changed too. He wanted to give the world an update, and that’s when he decided to stay up with the times; rather than publish another elongated book, he decided to make a podcast. And that’s where we’re going to tell you all about the new Book of Basketball 2.0.

What Does the Book Have In It?

Well first off, the book itself released as a podcast has a lot of information in it. But as mentioned in the introduction, it’s mainly about how the game has changed. Podcasts have become a popular way for narratives to be released, because a person can download them (or listen to them on numerous platforms such as Spotify), and they can listen to it over and over again as many times as they want. A podcast is much like an audiobook, and some people who release podcast-style books end up releasing them chapter by chapter; much like being able to skip back and forth between chapters of a book, a person can simply skip chapters that they want to listen to.

In the Book of Basketball 2.0, which has been a work-in-progress for nearly a half a year, you get star-filled interviews, and re-rankings of the Hall of Fame Pyramid that many people remember from his book. He is also going to watch some old game performances with players (Steve Nash is one that’s already been recorded), and go over the gameplay with basketball stars. This means that you get a more in-depth look into the NBA that you could literally listen to for a long time from today.

So Why the Change?

Originally known as Sports Guy back in 2009 on numerous popular sports blogs, Simmons ended up getting a website teamed up with ESPN known as Grantland, and he ended up growing from there. With his online persona at its peak in 2015, he ended up leaving ESPN and started his own website that many people knew called the Ringer. That’s when he wrote the book. But there are so many different things that have changed in the professional basketball world, that the world and youngsters these days wanting to dream big need to understand.

Not only have things changed in the sporting industry, but so have the players and their play styles, personalities, etc. Basketball has come a long way since Michael Jordan was a Chicago Bulls All-Star (and Wheaties box royalty, and Sports Illustrated top story, etc., etc.). As a matter of fact, Simmons himself has gotten to know a lot of famous sports celebrities and this is one of the reasons that he added the podcast. Because of everything that he’s ended up learning since he has been in the industry longer, he wanted to release the fact that he knows a lot more about basketball itself – not just how it used to be.


Most of the basketball podcasts that Simmons has in his Basketball 2.0 podcast are produced by the Ringer, and even compares to other popular podcasts out there. With Book of Basketball 2.0, you can literally learn everything there is to know about basketball, and get some entertainment of a good talk radio show at the same time.

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