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NFHS Basketball Rules Book

National Federation of State High School Associations Rules Book

One popular book of rules has been a major curve when it comes to the National Federation of State High School Associations – that is their rulebook on how sports should be played. But what my fellow sports fans, is the NFHS rule book and what does it consist of? And why is it around? In this guide, we’re going to talk about this nationally accredited rulebook and see what makes it tick – we may even let you in on a few rules that need to be followed.

Only for High Schools

Some mistake people make, is that they think that this specific set of rules is set for all types of schools – this is somewhat true, but it only applies to state accredited high schools. The NFHS is based in Indiana, and they are the most popular organization out there that covers high school and performing arts programs and regulations for schools in literally all 50 states, and Washington, D.C. (which is in its own). They feature numerous courses to make sure that literally all students in their 19,500 high schools can teach their 12 million youth how to play sports (and utilize their organizations) the right way.

Modern Changes

The basketball rulebook is frequently updated with numerous rules changes, and is a large book with a bunch of different sections. Since sports like basketball regularly has changes in terms of staff and even students, the game itself changes to reflect on its players and even coaches – this way it can keep up with preparing their students for the best in academic performance as well as a professional college (or professional) career. Some rule changes for example that have happened for the 2020-2021 season are as follows:

The Second Horn Requirement

Basketball now gets a revision to help players and teams improve time for replacement and even makes changes to other segments. It is to prepare people like the students and coaches so they can get back in the game. Therefore, there is a second horn during these times to alert the team members involved.

Removed Coaches

This rule is to show that when a school loses their coach or other school personnel to act and serve as a coach for a game, the game is automatically forfeited by the team. The reason this section has been added is to show players changes and direct them in the proper way when there is no other coach or school personnel.

The Technical Foul

In the past, the technical fowl required the coach or other official to give a warning when it comes to doing this and changes it so that the warning is not mandated (but is more of a courtesy act). This helps to improve how the players and staffers behave when there is a technical fowl that takes place.

How Can One Purchase a Rulebook?

For coaches and school officials, obtaining a rulebook is relatively simple and affordable. A book can be purchased on either iTunes Apple Store, or Amazon via their Kindle Edition as e-books, or the book can be purchased in print form (for more of a price). The Kindle Edition on Amazon is one of the most popular ways to purchase the book regardless of the sport that is out there, and has every rule for basketball as well as ways to help coaches explain the ins and outs of basketball.


So there you have it, one rulebook that can sum up every single rule in the world of basketball. If you’re looking to get this rulebook for your school, it is highly recommended that you get it on more than one platform. This way you can help kids the best way possible.

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