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Is the once innovative Spurs offense now outdated?

By Steve Shea (@SteveShea33) July 7, 2017 He’s a genius, the NBA’s best coach in recent history hands down. Since Gregg Popovich’s first full season as San Antonio’s head coach, 1997-98, the Spurs have had 20 consecutive playoff appearances, a regular-season record of 1133-459 (a .712 win %), and won 5 titles. One of the […]

Is the mid-range jumper defeating Houston?

by Stephen Shea, Ph.D. Houston employs a now well-documented offensive style.  They look to take 3-pointers or drive to the basket and aim to avoid the mid-range jumper.   On paper, this looks like a viable strategy since the mid-range 2 typically provides the least return on investment.  Players generally shoot only mildly better from mid-range […]