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Carmelo by the numbers

By Steve Shea (@SteveShea33) January 27, 2017 Reports are that Phil Jackson is serious about trading Carmelo Anthony. Melo is a bit of an enigma.  He is a 9-time all-star, 6-time all-NBA selection and a 4-time U.S. Olympian.  Those are the kinds of credentials that should cement any player’s legacy.  Yet, the recent trade rumors […]

Penetration, 3-Pointers and Help Defense

By Chris Baker (@ChrisBakerAM) and Steve Shea (@SteveShea33) September 29, 2015   On May 10, 2015, Phil Jackson famously gave the world his “how’s it goink?” tweet. In that tweet and surrounding messages, Phil suggested that the NBA is more about penetration than 3-point shooting. Phil has a point. Penetration is important. The issue is […]