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First Look at 2016 College Prospect Ratings

By Stephen Shea, Ph.D. February 15, 2016   College Prospect Rating (CPR) is a score assigned to college basketball players that approximates their NBA potential. It is generated with a formula that uses full game-log data (as opposed to just season averages) for the prospects. The complete methodology can be found in Basketball Analytics: Spatial […]

Updated Midseason College Prospect Ratings (CPR): Russell and Okafor on Top

By Stephen Shea, Ph.D. February 20, 2015 The College Prospect Rating (CPR) System assigns to every college player, based on their age, class, projected NBA position, and college box score production, a number that approximates their pro potential.  Basketball Analytics: Spatial Tracking contains the full methodology for the calculations of CPR. The following table presents […]

Wiggins showing scoring versatility, but not efficiency (yet)

by Stephen Shea, Ph.D. NBA players were once judged almost exclusively on their quantity of production.  Fans, the media, and perhaps NBA teams were infatuated with how many points, rebounds, or assists players accumulated. The modern basketball analytics movement has taught us that we should also be mindful of efficiency.  In terms of a player’s […]

2013-14 AV, EOP, DSG and OE

By Stephen Shea, Ph.D. In Basketball Analytics, we introduced statistics to approximate a player’s offensive, defensive and total contributions. Offensive Efficiency (OE) is a measure of a player’s production per opportunity on offense that is easy to calculate and interpret.  It is not meant to be all-encompassing.  For a more detailed version, see Offensive Efficiency […]