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What if your team had Houston’s shot selection?

Stephen Shea, Ph.D. November 21, 2017 There are 5 major shooting zones on an NBA court: the restricted area (at the hoop), the paint (but not in the restricted area), mid-range, corners, and above the break. Among the zones, the paint and mid-range shots are, by far, the least efficient. One team has leveraged this […]

How often do Offenses create the Option of the Corner 3?

By Chris Baker (@ChrisBakerAM) and Steve Shea (@SteveShea33) October 2, 2015   Last NBA season, the corner 3 accounted for only about 7% of the typical NBA offense.   That number varied from a high of 12.4% for the Houston Rockets to a low of 3.8% for the Minnesota Timberwolves. In spite of being such a […]

What if your team played Moreyball?

By Stephen Shea, Ph.D. Finding the efficient shots The chart below presents the FG% and eFG% for the NBA in 2014-15 split according to six regions on the court.  (Stats are courtesy of and current through the January 26th games.) The restricted area and three point shots are the most efficient shots.  The shots […]

Is the mid-range jumper defeating Houston?

by Stephen Shea, Ph.D. Houston employs a now well-documented offensive style.  They look to take 3-pointers or drive to the basket and aim to avoid the mid-range jumper.   On paper, this looks like a viable strategy since the mid-range 2 typically provides the least return on investment.  Players generally shoot only mildly better from mid-range […]