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CPR 2017

By Steve Shea (@SteveShea33) April 4, 2017 CPR is a metric that rates NCAA players’ NBA potential. For a complete introduction, see our previous post. The following table contains the CPR scores (as of April 2, 2017) for the 78 college prospects that made the top 100 prospects at At first glance, the metric appears […]

College Prospect Ratings (CPR) 2016

By Steve Shea, Ph.D. (@SteveShea33) April 6, 2016 College Prospect Ratings (CPR) is a formula that uses NCAA players’ on-the-court performance to quantify their NBA potential. Below, I will present the CPR ratings for 105 of the top prospects in the 2016 draft. Before I get to this year’s ratings, I go through some of […]

Updated 2016 CPR

By Stephen Shea, Ph.D. (@SteveShea33) College Prospect Ratings (CPR) are an objective measure of an NCAA prospect’s NBA potential. They are generated from a player’s projected position, his years experience in college and the box score production captured in his game logs. Below, I will present the updated ratings (as of March 29th), which for […]

Final 2015 CPR

By Stephen Shea, Ph.D. (@SteveShea33) The very exciting 2014-15 college basketball season has ended.  I can now calculate and report the final College Prospect Ratings (CPR) for the 2015 NBA Draft’s top college prospects. The 2014-15 NBA regular season has also concluded.  It was a particularly dreadful season for certain franchises and their fans.  But […]